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Recycling Services

About twenty five years ago as it was becoming increasingly more difficult to dispose of used oils Wolverine Oil developed a system to recycle certain oils it sold to customers. Our trucks are licensed by the Michigan D.N.R. to haul non-hazardous waste (used oil). Many customers in the metro Detroit area take advantage of this added service to reduce the cost of disposal and if possible to recycle.


There are great benefits if some of your products could be recycled. Besides the savings achieved by not having to pay for disposal, the oil returned to you is at a cost of one half and in some cases a quarter of the cost of new product.


For example a $6.00/gallon extruding oil can be recycled and returned for $1.50/gallon. Our service has been used successfully for many years to recycle Quench Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Extruding Oils, and Cutting Oils. Each load that is processed is certified to meet the specifications of new oil. References from companies using this service will be provided if necessary.

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